Florian Reinhart

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Car rides are often perceived as dull by the passengers, especially children. Therefore, we aim to introduce a system fostering a collaborative and communicative experience in this environment. This paper presents the design for a game played together by all car-occupants, including the driver, according to their abilities and capacities. A fully(More)
A range of technology for monitoring electricity consumption at residential homes is gradually becoming available to users. Almost all of these systems, however, only aim to assist users with reducing their total power consumption, without being concerned too much about how those savings are actually made. Our research, aims to provide a basis for design of(More)
There is considerable global effort being made towards identifying ways of reducing energy consumption to cope with growing demands. Although there is potential for energy saving in many sectors, our focus is on reducing energy consumption in residential homes. We have developed a system which combines home automation and energy usage monitoring(More)
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