Florian Raes

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OBJECTIVES We have developed a relevant preclinical model associated with a specific imaging protocol dedicated to onco-pharmacology studies in mice. MATERIALS AND METHODS We optimized both the animal model and an ultrasound imaging procedure to follow up longitudinally the lung tumor growth in mice. Moreover we proposed to measure by photoacoustic(More)
PURPOSE This preclinical study aimed to evaluate placental oxygenation in pregnant rats by real-time photoacoustic (PA) imaging on different days of gestation and to specify variations in placental oxygen saturation under conditions of maternal hypoxia and hyperoxygenation. MATERIAL AND METHODS Placentas of fifteen Sprague-Dawley rats were examined on(More)
The development of novel therapeutic strategies allowing the destruction of tumour cells while sparing healthy tissues is one of the main challenges of cancer chemotherapy. Here, we report on the design and antitumour activity of a low-molecular-weight drug delivery system programmed for the selective release of the potent monomethylauristatin E in the(More)
[a] Institut de Chimie des Milieux et des Matériaux de Poitiers (IC2MP), Université de Poitiers, CNRS, groupe “Systèmes Moléculaires Programmés”, 4 rue Michel Brunet, TSA 51106, F-86073 Poitiers, France. [b] UPS n°44 PHENOMIN TAAM-CIPA, CNRS, 3B rue de la Férollerie, F-45071 Orléans, France. [c] Université de Poitiers, CNRS ERL 7368, 1 rue Georges Bonnet,(More)
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