Florian Philippe

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This review focuses on the responses of the plant cell wall to several abiotic stresses including drought, flooding, heat, cold, salt, heavy metals, light, and air pollutants. The effects of stress on cell wall metabolism are discussed at the physiological (morphogenic), transcriptomic, proteomic and biochemical levels. The analysis of a large set of data(More)
BACKGROUND Exploring the structure of genomes and analyzing their evolution is essential to understanding the ecological adaptation of organisms. However, with the large amounts of data being produced by next-generation sequencing, computational challenges arise in terms of storage, search, sharing, analysis and visualization. This is particularly true with(More)
Erratum The original version of the article 'Gigwa-Genotype investigator for genome-wide analyses. GigaScience 2016 5:25' [1] unfortunately contained an error. In the Technical insights-Data structure section, the mentioned WIDDE application actually refers to " WIDDE: a Web-Interfaced next generation database for genetic diversity exploration, with a first(More)
The advancements in empirical technologies has generated vast amounts of heterogeneous data. This situation has created a need to integrate the data to understand the system of interest in its entirety. Therefore, information systems play a crucial role in managing these data, enabling the biologists in the extraction of new knowledge. The plant(More)
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