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The material in this report has been developed by the Patch Management Work Group of ISA99 (Joint with MS-MUG) for the purpose of describing a proposed specification for the exchange of patch compatibility information for industrial automation and control systems (IACS). This document is not in and of itself a work product of the ISA99 committee. Rather the(More)
Bereits seit 2007 sind die Mitarbeiter weltweit vernetzt. Der enorme Erfolg von Internetplattformen wie Facebook oder XING hat unter anderem dazu geführt, dass die ursprünglich primär für private Zwecke konzipierten Social Networking Services (SNS) in den vergan-genen Jahren auch für Unternehmen zunehmend interessanter wur-den. Dementsprechend ver suchen(More)
Based on the success of social software, modern information and communication systems are continuously moving from an information-centric data perspective to a more person-centric view. Easy access to federated activity streams of colleagues and other awareness information that is aggregated from different distributed intra- and extra-organizational systems(More)
Our daily work in the information society relies on creating, editing and collecting different information objects. Without additional presentation mechanisms these activities of particular knowledge workers remain hidden in the underlying IT systems. The resulting lack of awareness can lead to inefficient coordination as well as to the duplication of work(More)
Based on the success of the Web 2.0, today's IT systems are continuously moving from a solely information-centric data perspective to a more person-centric model and are thereby becoming more social. In this paper we discuss the challenges within the redesign of established data models resulting from that shift. Our aim is to derive requirements for a(More)
Contemporary knowledge work environments are increasingly based on ubiquitous information access beyond classic single user desktop workplaces. Especially in enterprise contexts personal mobile devices and stationary interactive large screens gain more and more importance for information discovery. In contrast to former PC-based user interfaces these new(More)