Florian Mueller

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Intimacy is a crucial element of domestic life, and many interactive technologies designed for other purposes have been appropriated for use within intimate relationships. However, there is a deficit in current understandings of how technologies are used within intimate relationships, and how to design technologies to support intimate acts. In this paper we(More)
An Exertion Interface is an interface that deliberately requires intense physical effort. Exertion Interfaces have applications in "Sports over a Distance", potentially capitalizing on the power of traditional physical sports in supporting social bonding. We designed, developed, and evaluated an Exertion Interface that allows people who are miles apart to(More)
Computer games lack the social bonding and collective physical exercise benefits that sports provide. To overcome these limitations, we have been investigating how to apply the benefits of sport, in particular the workout and social bonding effect, in a distributed setting. We designed, developed, and evaluated Breakout for Two, which allows people who are(More)
Exertion activities, such as jogging, require users to invest intense physical effort and are associated with physical and social health benefits. Despite the benefits, our understanding of exertion activities is limited, especially when it comes to social experiences. In order to begin understanding how to design for technologically augmented social(More)
Exercising with others, such as jogging in pairs, can be socially engaging. However, if exercise partners have different fitness levels then the activity can be too strenuous for one and not challenging enough for the other, compromising engagement and health benefits. Our system, Jogging over a Distance, uses heart rate data and spatialized sound to create(More)
If a video camera recognizes and records affective data from the camera operator, this data can help determine which sequences will be interesting to the camera operator at a later time. In the case of home videos, the camera operator is likely to also be the editor and narrator of the final video. LAFCam is a system for recording and editing home video. We(More)
People use a wide range of intensity when interacting with artifacts and one another, spanning from subtle to brute force. However, computer interfaces so far have mainly focused on interactions restrained to limited force and do not consider extreme physical and brutal interactions, such as those encountered in contact sports. We present an interactive(More)
Conventional web interfaces respond to and consider only mouse clicks when defining a user model. We have extended this and take into account all mouse movements on a page as an additional layer of information for inferring user interest. We have developed a straightforward way to record all mouse movements on a page, and conducted a user study to analyze(More)
People enjoy jogging with others for social and motivational reasons. However, as reported by forum participants, finding a compatible, local jogging partner who shares the ability to jog at the same pace for the same duration is not always easy. One possible way to overcome this challenge is to expand the range of potential jogging partners by allowing for(More)
Players invest significant physical effort when playing exertion games. In addition to improving physical health, exertion games are also believed to facilitate social play amongst players. Despite these advantages, our understanding of how to design these games to successfully support social play is limited. In this paper, we present a qualitative analysis(More)