Florian Michahelles

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Cloning of RFID tags can lead to financial losses in many commercial RFID applications. There are two general strategies to provide security: prevention and detection. The security community and the RFID chip manufacturers are currently focused on the former by making tags hard to clone. This paper focuses on the latter by investigating a method to pinpoint(More)
Social networks have become an additional marketing channel that could be integrated with the traditional ones as a part of the marketing mix. The change in the dynamics of the marketing interchange between companies and consumers as introduced by social networks has placed a focus on the non-transactional customer behavior. In this new marketing era, the(More)
Authentication has an important role in many RFID applications for providing security and privacy. In this paper we focus on investigating how RFID can be used in product authentication in supply chain applications and a review of existing approaches is provided. The different categories of RFID product authentication approaches are analyzed within the(More)
Distributions of popularity of many online markets have long tails. However, the profitability of the long tail remains in dispute among researchers. With an analysis of an extensive dataset of Google Play transactions, this work first examine the long tail of the mobile application market. Our results suggest that Google Play is more of a "Superstar"(More)
Smart-Its are self-contained, stick-on computers that attach to everyday objects. These augmented objects become soft media, enabling dynamic digital relationships with users and each other. In the Smart-Its project, we are developing technology to realize a vision of computation everywhere, where computer technology seamlessly integrates into everyday(More)
Today, RFID enjoys enormous interest as the first widely deployed pervasive technology, and Near Field Communication will be the first widely deployed technology enabling humans to communicate with physical objects. This article reports on the Pertec (Pervasive RFID/Near Field Communication Technology and Applications) workshop, which discussed the future(More)
The adoption and diffusion of RFID technology take longer time than it was expected years ago. While few industries adopted RFID right away others are reluctant and took up a ‘wait and see’ position. Especially standards play a major role. Even standards are available today, many industries announced additional requirements for their specific processes. As(More)
In this paper we investigate on the potential of combining social and technical networks to collaboratively provide services to both human users and technical systems. In the Internet of Things (IoT), things talk and exchange information to realize the vision of future pervasive computing environments. The common physical and social space emerges by the(More)