Florian Mehm

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In this paper, we describe a set of personalized exergames which combine methods and concepts of serious games, adaptation and personalization, authoring and sensor technologies. Compared to existing systems, the set of games does not only keep track of the user's vital state, but also directly integrates vital parameters into the gameplay and supports the(More)
The overall aim of the European research project 80Days situated in the field of Technology-enhanced Learning is to combine adaptive learning, Storytelling and gaming technology in order to build intelligent, adaptive and exciting learning environments in the form of Storytelling-based digital educational games (DEGs). This paper presents the major results(More)
The efficient production of Serious Games typically requires the collaboration of technical and game development experts, i.e. game developers and domain experts such as pedagogues or sports experts. For the use case of exergames with educational aspects, we demonstrate how an authoring tool for Serious Games can be specialized for collaborative authoring(More)
This paper introduces the concept of Narrative Game-based Learning Objects (NGLOBs) as the basis for the creation and control of Story-based Digital Educational Games (DEGs). In the context of the European research project 80Days, section 1 describes major aims and challenges of Story-based DEGs and motivates for the introduction and use of NGLOBs. In the(More)
The basis for individual students’ instructional support by teachers is an individual diagnosis of one’s learning advances and difficulties. Even though sophisticated diagnostic tools exist, it remains an open question how diagnosis and learning can be merged into a consistent pedagogical method to support both teachers and students with feedback about the(More)
Personalization techniques offer the possibility to tailor each learner’s experience of a Digital Educational Game (DEG) to their specific needs. Such personalizations can adapt the challenge and difficulty of the DEG to the learner’s cognitive ability, motivation and gaming abilities. In particular, complex story based DEGs have introduced micro adaptive(More)