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• Need for Cache Memory • Cache Memory types • Cache memory replacement methodologies Worst case execution time • Need for WCET • Problems in Estimating WCET 2 Aim :Cache behavior prediction by Abstract interpretation for WCET analysis Dynamic random access memory (DRAM): • Stores each data bit in a separate capacitor. • Need refresh cycles to protect(More)
In previous work 1], we have developed the theoretical basis for the prediction of the cache behavior of programs by abstract interpretation. Abstract interpretation is a technique for the static analysis of dynamic properties of programs. It is semantics based, that is, it computes approximative properties of the semantics of programs. On this basis, it(More)
The techniques which are used to implement (non-trivial) interprocedural data ow analyzers can be generally divided into two subsets: the call string and the functional approach as presented in Sharir and Pnueli, 1981]. Both diier in their time and space complexity as well as in the precision due to properties of the abstract domains and transfer functions.(More)