Florian Marienfeld

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Quality of life in an urban environment depends strongly on ecological, social and mobility aspects. A major innovation in that context is given by the emergence of electric vehicles. Additionally, the explosive growth of social networks has shown how the Internet can be used to maintain and create communities, thereby bringing mutual benefits to the(More)
Open Data (OD) is an emerging trend that aims to facilitate the freedom and reuse of information. Therefore, tools, applications and platforms are required that enable the publishing and consumption of data. In this paper, we present our experience from the integration of components that should constitute an OD platform. The proposed solution is able to(More)
This chapter covers the scientific background for the Service Level Module of the Unified Service Description Language (USDL). In addition to general service level concepts, we expand on two specific service level fields: security and trust. For that end we first review the state of the art in service level modeling, then we explain the design of the(More)
This paper proposes a common ontology for ratings, i.e. for quantitative user feedback data. Such a framework allows for semantic interoperability of data that adheres to it, which in turn enables the re-use, by making it independent from the original system. In contrast to prior attempts to establish an unambiguous vocabulary, this approach introduces two(More)
A key challenge for open data portals is the aggregation of metadata from various data catalogs (on different administrative level or from different application fields) also known as metadata harvesting. This paper describes harvesting at the pilot of the German open government portal GovData.de, which is scheduled to become the data portal for all German(More)
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