Florian Mösch

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Motivated by the vision of Organic Computing, a concept is proposed towards building a more robust robot control architecture. An experimental setup is described that allows to develop, implement and test new approaches and their practical realizations on a walking robot demonstrator. These experiments demonstrate that normal walking of the robot can be(More)
Multisite recording represents a suitable condition to study microphysiology and network interactions in the central nervous system and, therefore, to understand brain functions. Several different materials and array configurations have been proposed for the development of new probes utilized to record brain activity from experimental animal models. We(More)
We used a recently described all-dry silicon etch process for SOI wafers to fabricate 64-site electrode arrays in stereotrode arrangement for acute cortical recordings. The fork-like probes are connected to preamplification units by flexible, Y-shaped interconnects. This facilitates maximal experimental flexibility for simultaneously recording from all(More)
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