Florian Lenz

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Blueberry, raspberry and strawberry may have evolved strategies for survival due to the different soil conditions available in their natural environment. Since this might be reflected in their response to rhizosphere pH and N form supplied, investigations were carried out in order to compare effects of nitrate and ammonium nutrition (the latter at two(More)
Light-induced forward electron transfer in the bacterial photosynthetic reaction center from Rhodobacter sphaeroides was investigated by time-resolved infrared spectroscopy. Using a highly sensitive kinetic photometer based on a tunable IR diode laser source [Mäntele, W., Hienerwadel, R., Lenz, F., Riedel, W. J., Grisar, R., & Tacke, M. (1990a) Spectrosc.(More)
Eggplants (Solanum melongena L. cv. Bonica) were grown in a glasshouse during summer under natural light with one unbranched shoot or one shoot with 3 to 4 branches and with or without fruit in quartz sand buffered and not buffered with 0.5% CaCO3 (w : v), respectively. Nutrient solutions supplied contained nitrate or ammonium as the sole nitrogen source.(More)
We explore the dynamical evolution of an ensemble of noninteracting particles propagating freely in an elliptical billiard with harmonically driven boundaries. The existence of Fermi acceleration is shown thereby refuting the established assumption that smoothly driven billiards whose static counterparts are integrable do not exhibit acceleration dynamics.(More)
We demonstrated very recently [Lenz, New J. Phys. 11, 083035 (2009)] that an ensemble of particles in the driven elliptical billiard shows a surprising crossover from subdiffusion to normal diffusion in momentum space. This crossover is not parameter induced, but rather occurs dynamically in the evolution of the ensemble. In this work, we consider three(More)
We explore the dynamics of noninteracting particles loaded into a phase-modulated one-dimensional lattice formed by laterally oscillating square barriers. Tuning the parameters of the driven unit cell of the lattice selected parts of the classical phase space can be manipulated in a controllable manner. We find superdiffusion in position space for all(More)
Summary Quality control (QC) is an important part of all NGS data analysis stages. Many available tools calculate QC metrics from different analysis steps of single sample experiments (raw reads, mapped reads and variant lists). Multi-sample experiments, as sequencing of tumor-normal pairs, require additional QC metrics to ensure validity of results. These(More)
We develop and analyze a scheme to achieve both spatial and energetic focusing of an ensemble of neutral particles which is based on an oscillating billiard with frictional forces. The interplay of two competing mechanisms, acceleration due to collisions with the oscillating billiard walls and deceleration caused by friction, leads to the emergence of(More)
In this work we study the nonlinear dynamics of the static and the driven ellipse. In the static case, we find numerically an asymptotical algebraic decay for the escape of an ensemble of noninteracting particles through a small hole due to the integrable structure of the phase space of the system. Furthermore, for a certain hole position, a saturation(More)