Florian Landis

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A 53-year-old man experienced relapse of pulmonary blastomycosis 9 years after having been treated successfully with amphotericin B and responded satisfactorily to retreatment. Relapse of blastomycosis after adequate treatment with amphotericin B is apparently uncommon. However, published reports include relatively few patients who have had long-term(More)
We propose a Hebbian learning-based data clustering algorithm using spiking neurons. The algorithm is capable of distinguishing between clusters and noisy background data and finds an arbitrary number of clusters of arbitrary shape. These properties render the approach particularly useful for visual scene segmentation into arbitrarily shaped homogeneous(More)
This study assesses the economy-wide impacts of cutting CO2 emissions on the Brazilian economy. It finds that in 2040, the business-as-usual CO2 emissions from energy use and industrial processes would be almost three times as high as those in 2010 and would account for more than half of total national CO2 emissions. The current policy aims to reduce(More)