Florian L. P. Bender

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Axonal maintenance, plasticity, and regeneration are influenced by signals from neighboring cells, in particular Schwann cells of the peripheral nervous system. Schwann cells produce neurotrophic factors, but the mechanisms by which ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) and other neurotrophic molecules modify the axonal cytoskeleton are not well understood. In(More)
Primary neurons are a common tool for investigating gene function for survival and morphological and functional differentiation. Gene transfer techniques play an important role in this context. However, the efficacy of conventional gene transfer techniques, in particular for primary motoneurons is low so that it is not possible to distinguish whether the(More)
In neurons, microtubules form a dense array within axons, and the stability and function of this microtubule network is modulated by neurofilaments. Accumulation of neurofilaments has been observed in several forms of neurodegenerative diseases, but the mechanisms how elevated neurofilament levels destabilize axons are unknown so far. Here, we show that(More)
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