Florian Krämer

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Anesthetic goals for procedures involving resections close to the motor cortex include immobility, analgesia, and a level of consciousness that allows for the ability to follow motor commands. Remifentanil as a single agent is an attractive choice, particularly when ventilation is controlled. The successful use of large-dose remifentanil infusion during an(More)
Editor's key points † Umbilical hernia repair in children is associated with considerable postoperative discomfort. † Rectus sheath blocks (RSBs) and local anaesthetic infiltration of the surgical site (LAI) are used for providing postoperative analgesia for umbilical hernia repair. † Ultrasound-guided RSB provides superior analgesia in the perioperative(More)
Pediatric neurologists frequently treat acute pain in children. A broad range of medication options is available including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, opioids, and other analgesic adjuvants, such as antidepressants and antiepileptics. This article reviews the physiology underlying the experience of pain and compares the pharmacologic mechanisms(More)
(heat, oxidative stress, and nitrogen species as triggers) or in vivo (using 31 P MRI) 6 need to be developed. " Regarding item 2: Again, the statement about possible indicators for individuals at risk for nonanesthetic MH was taken from the original context. It is very clear from the whole paragraph and the statements made immediately preceding the(More)
Fast, intuitive interaction combined with high quality results are very important aspects, which need consideration, when implementing a search engine. With this in mind, the project "improved destination input system for the UR-Walking application" aims at optimizing the destination input for the Campus Navigation Web-Application at the University of(More)
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