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Determining the centers of electrical activity in the human body and the connectivity between different centers of activity in the brain is an active area of research. To understand brain function and the nature of cardiovascular diseases requires sophisticated methods applicable to non-invasively measured bioelectric and biomagnetic data. As it is(More)
In this bachelor's thesis we give a complete description of integer-point transforms σ(x, y) := (j,k)∈P∩Z 2 x j y k of rational polygons P. We show that the main ingredient of these integer-point transforms are Rademacher–Carlitz polynomials e f +α−1 k= e f x k y β α k+t. We prove, using Barvinok's Theorem, that these polynomials can be computed as a sum of(More)
Decomposition of evoked magnetoencephalography (MEG) data into their underlying neuronal signals is an important step in the interpretation of these measurements. Often, independent component analysis (ICA) is employed for this purpose. However, ICA can fail as for evoked MEG data the neuronal signals may not be statistically independent. We therefore(More)
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