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Chromosome segregation requires centromeres on every sister chromatid to correctly form and attach the microtubule spindle during cell division. Even though centromeres are essential for genome stability, the underlying centromeric DNA is highly variable in sequence and evolves quickly. Epigenetic mechanisms are therefore thought to regulate centromeres.(More)
The outcome of infectious diseases in vertebrates is under genetic control at least to some extent. In swine, e.g., marked differences in resistance/susceptibility to Sarcocystis miescheriana have been shown between Chinese Meishan and European Pietrain pigs, and these differences are associated with high heritabilities. A first step toward the(More)
Question Answering systems are systems that enable the user to ask questions in natural language and to also receive an answer in natural language. Most existing systems, however, are constructed for the English language, and it is not clear in how far these approaches are also applicable to other languages. A richer morphology, greater syntactic(More)
The magnetic moment μ of a bound electron, generally expressed by the g-factor μ=-g μB s ħ(-1) with μB the Bohr magneton and s the electron's spin, can be calculated by bound-state quantum electrodynamics (BS-QED) to very high precision. The recent ultra-precise experiment on hydrogen-like silicon determined this value to eleven significant digits, and thus(More)
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