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The aim of this study is to investigate behaviour problems and emotional regulation of children who's siblings are diagnosed with cancer. Participants were assessed with the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) and the MacArthur Story Stem Battery (MSSB). Both instruments were administered twice (shortly after diagnosis and at the end of(More)
Das Adult Attachment Projective Picture System (AAP) ist ein valides, reliables Instrument zur Erfassung der Bindungsrepräsentation bei Erwachsenen. Es sind bereits vielfältige klinische und neurobiologische Studien mit diesem Instrument durchgeführt worden, die in dieser Übersicht zusammengefasst werden. Wir berichten anhand von Fallbeispielen(More)
UNLABELLED Cooperation between different institutions in cases of child abuse is essential for the children and their families. The aim of this study is to evaluate the cooperation between the Child Protection Team (CPT) and the Youth Welfare Agency (YWF) in an academic teaching hospital. ISSUES Is the child or the family already be known to the YWF? Was(More)
When a child is diagnosed with cancer, this might generate an existential crisis and the emotional balance of the entire family is deeply disturbed. This is also because parental attention, worries and care strongly focus on the sick child. When there are siblings, there is no doubt that they are also in need of their parents’ care and attention to adjust(More)
Clinical relevance of variations within the ability to mentalize is usually reported in the field of psychopathology in adults. This might be due to difficulties in methods for empirical assessment of this capacity in children. In this short report the author discusses facets and abilities of how to engage the inner world of young children with story stem(More)
In its psychological development, the child learns social-emotional competences in order to be able to cope with conflicts. Since ethnic diversity increases due to globalization, the influence of the ethnic background on the social competence children development must be investigated furthermore. The present study examines the differences of the(More)
Mental health problems in terms of deviant behaviour and emotional problems are assumed in context with mental representations and indicators of internal psychic structure. In distinction to adults there is little empirical research concerning this matter. On the basis of Childrens' Play Narratives (MacArthur Story Stem Battery) we collected data about(More)
Aim of the study is to present a method to map the ability of children to identify emotions and intentions in emotionally relevant situations (intentional and emotional reflectiveness). Moreover we analyze interrelation between this ability and behavior problems. Therefore we administered Story Stem Interviews with 70 children and added demand questions(More)
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