Florian Jordan

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The division of floor plans or navigation maps into single rooms or similarly meaningful semantic units is central to numerous tasks in robotics such as topological mapping, semantic mapping, place categorization, human-robot-interaction, or automatized professional cleaning. Although many map partitioning algorithms have been proposed for various(More)
We propose a novel technique for coding of texture and three-dimensional data which takes the viewer position into account. This allows to transmit only the most visible parts of information that is needed to render a virtual scene. The rendering operation is modelled and studied using filtering and sampling theory. The technique is applied on real data and(More)
This paper presents a new technique which allows interactive optimization of video compression algorithms using massively parallel computers such as the CRAY T3D. This work aims to exploit as much as possible the parallel nature of digital image processing algorithms to obtain almost real-time computing with the exibility of a software implementation.(More)
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