Florian Johannsen

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The application of patterns is very popular in different fields of Information Systems (IS), like Software Development or Workflow Management. However, in the field of Business Process Improvement (BPI), research on patterns has so far been scarce, and, in particular, works on BPI patterns are missing. Thus, in this paper, the pattern approach is applied to(More)
In the automotive business, financial services have gained in importance over the last few years. Apart from sales promotion, customer retention is a primary concern. As a consequence quality management which had so far been regarded as a discipline of the manufacturing sector, has been taking a central role in the service sector. Therefore the Six Sigma(More)
The research area of business process improvement (BPI) focuses on the development of methods and techniques for redesigning processes as well as improving the process performance accordingly. Thereby one particular challenge lies in the classi®cation of customer feedback that is received via various online and of ̄ine channels. In the paper at hand we(More)
In this paper we discuss how knowledge management can contribute to the analysis of big data by joining enterprise modeling methods with data analyses. The goal of this approach is to enable the seamless interaction and exchange of information between knowledge-oriented representations as provided by enterprise modeling on the one hand and methods for(More)
Process modeling is a decisive task for modern enterprises. The effectiveness of IS development largely depends on the quality of conceptual models and their understandability. However, process model quality is still a fuzzy concept and not fully understood yet. Recently, coupling became a concept for assessing model quality, but still there is a lack of(More)
Business process modeling is a fundamental aspect in BPM initiatives. Being a central means of communication and documentation, both the quality and understandability of process models are decisive. However, the concept of process model quality is still not fully understood. The recent development has highlighted the role of coupling in models. Coupling is(More)