Florian I. Lauer

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Frequency of unreduced pollen grains was estimated for five genotypes of Solanum phureja (2n=24) growing in three environments; (E1) cool (7.2-13.3°C) and (E2) warm (12.2-17.2°C) growth chambers and (E3) field conditions. Highly variable frequencies were found, with genotype, environment, and genotype x environment interaction as significant components of(More)
Our objective was to test whether the NPK levels in commonly used Murashige and Skoog (MS) media are optimal for microtuberiztion for the two cultivars tested. Two N (N1 = 841 and N2 = 1418 mg L−1); three P (P1 = 39, P2 = 76.9 and P3 = 115 mg L−1; and two K (K1 = 784 and K2 = 1518 mg L−1) media concentrations were evaluated for microtuberization. Higher(More)
Tuber yield of plants from three sizes of in vitro produced microtubers were compared to yields of plants from three sizes of greenhouse produced minitubers of Nicola and Russet Burbank. Microtubers were: small-size, 0.2–1.5 g; mid-size, 1.5–3.0 g; and large-size, >3.0 g. Minitubers were: small-size, 15–20 g; mid-size, 20–40 g; and large-size, >40 g. Both(More)
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