Florian Heller

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We present Pinstripe, a textile user interface element for eyes-free, continuous value input on smart garments that uses pinching and rolling a piece of cloth between your fingers. The input granularity can be controlled in a natural way by varying the amount of cloth pinched. Pinstripe input elements physically consist of fields of parallel conductive(More)
Audio guides are a common way to provide museum visitors with an opportunity for personalized, self-paced information retrieval. However, this personalization conflicts with some of the reasons many people go to museums, i.e., to socialize, to be with friends, and to discuss the exhibit as they experience it [1]. We developed an interactive museum(More)
Power consumption is measured in W and Wh, but what do these units mean? Water consumption can easily be understood, as we all know what a liter of water looks like. Common power meters, however, rely on the physical units or their translation to costs as display. We classified existing displays and ambient visualizations in a taxonomy that focuses on the(More)
Audio augmented reality systems overlay the physical world with a virtual audio space. Today's smartphones provide enough processing power to create the impression of virtual sound sources being located in the real world. To achieve this, information about the user's location and orientation is necessary which requires additional hardware. In a real-world(More)
Local B-cell infiltrates play a role in tissue fibrosis, neolymphangiogenesis, and renal allograft survival. We sought to characterize the B-cell infiltrates, factors involved in B-cell recruitment, and lymphangiogenesis in renal interstitial injury (ie, acute and chronic interstitial nephritis and chronic IgA nephropathy). CD20-positive B cells formed a(More)
BACKGROUND Chemokines are involved in the recruitment of leukocytes to vascularized allografts. CCR1 is a receptor for various proinflammatory chemokines and CCR1 blockade reduces renal allograft injury in rabbits. The purpose of the study was to characterize CCR1-positive cells in human renal allografts. METHODS Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded(More)
Touch-sensitive fabrics let users operate wearable devices unobtrusively and with rich input gestures similar to those on modern smartphones and tablets. While hardware prototypes exist in the DIY crafting community, HCI designers and researchers have little data about how well these devices actually work in realistic situations. <i>FabriTouch</i> is the(More)
The recurrence of anti-glomerular basement membrane (anti-GBM) glomerulonephritis (GN) in renal transplants is very rare. We report on a patient that developed acute renal allograft dysfunction due to anti-GBM GN relapse 18 months after transplantation. As plasmaseperation, dose escalation of MMF, steroids and cyclophosphamids did not result in an(More)
Augmented reality is very well suited to convey information in the context of historic sites, as it is possible to integrate such systems in an unobtrusive manner. In this paper we present Corona, an audio augmented reality experience deployed in the historic town hall of Aachen/Germany. We describe the auralization process and the technology used and give(More)