Florian Hartmann

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PURPOSE Today's highly technical operating rooms lead to fairly complex surgical workflows where the surgeon has to interact with a number of devices, including the operating room light. Hence, ideally, the surgeon could direct the light without major disruption of his work. We studied whether a gesture tracking-based control of an automated operating room(More)
Currently, many monetary and fiscal policy measures are aimed at preventing the financial market meltdown that started in the US subprime sector and has spread world wide as a great recession. Although some slow recovery appears to be on the horizon, it is worthwhile exploring the fragility and potentially destabilizing feedbacks of advanced macroeconomies(More)
In this paper we study the implications of the present broad banking system for macroeconomic stability. Commercial banks are allowed to trade in nancial assets (here equities) as a substitute for lending and we show that such a system is likely to be an unstable one. We then consider narrow banking that is dened by a Fisherian 100% reserve ratio for(More)
About one case of an important sleeplessness for 4 years, the authors show the characteristics of this moan, which they would want to call it "Sleeping hypochondria". This hypochondria is very "efficient" because the sleeping quality is always subjective. More, patient and therapeut especially invest it. Oftenly, hypnotics are ordained. In this case, the(More)
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