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Targeting CREB-binding protein overrides LPS induced radioresistance in non-small cell lung cancer cell lines
It is shown that in NSCLC cells LPS leads to a CREB dependent radioresistance which is, however, reversible through CBP inhibition by the specific inhibitor ICG-001, which indicates that the combined treatment with radiation and CBB inhibition may improve survival of NSCLc patients suffering from pulmonary infections. Expand
Cancer cell motility is affected through 3D cell culturing and SCF/c-Kit pathway but not by X-irradiation.
X-irradiation affects neither the expression of important EMT genes such as vimentin, E-cadherin and N-c cadherin nor SCF/c-Kit signaling and, as a consequence, does not alter cell motility. Expand
In cancer cell lines inhibition of SCF/c-Kit pathway leads to radiosensitization only when SCF is strongly over-expressed
Generally, the SCF/c-Kit pathway does not have a dominant effect on both, cell survival and radioresponse and, as a consequence, knockdown of this pathwaydoes not result in a strong effect on radioresistance, except when SCF is strongly over-expressed. Expand
Elevated Expression of Toxin TisB Protects Persister Cells against Ciprofloxacin but Enhances Susceptibility to Mitomycin C
It is demonstrated by the use of fluorescent reporters that TisB overexpression in mutant Δ1-41 ΔistR inhibits cellular processes, including the expression of SOS genes, and the hip phenotype of the mutant is conditional and strongly depends on the DNA-damaging agent. Expand