Florian Häser

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Domain specific languages (DSLs) are widely used in practice and investigated in software engineering research. But so far, language workbenches do not provide sufficient built-in decision support for language design and improvement. Controlled experiments have the potential to provide appropriate, data-driven decision support for language engineers and(More)
<b>Context:</b> In modern systems, like cyber-physical systems, where software and physical services are interacting, safety, security or performance play an important role. In order to guarantee the correct interoperability of such systems, with respect to functional and non-functional requirements, integration testing is an effective measure to achieve(More)
Improving the maturity of the test process in an organization, especially but not limited to integration testing, involves obstacles and risks, such as the additional work overhead of the new process. In addition, integration testing descriptions are often too technical not addressing the language needs of the domain. In research cooperations with companies(More)
Powerful development frameworks and adoption of agile development methods are continuously increasing release frequency, thus compress test cycles. Test automation, often relying on model based approaches, helps to reduce test time, however the introduction of related heavy weight processes is often quite challenging. In order to tackle this problem, we(More)
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