Florian Gross

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How do we know a program does what it claims to do? After clustering Android apps by their description topics, we identify outliers in each cluster with respect to their API usage. A "weather" app that sends messages thus becomes an anomaly; likewise, a "messaging" app would typically not be expected to access the current location. Applied on a set of(More)
Modern test case generation techniques can automatically achieve high code coverage. If they operate on the unit level, they run the risk of generating inputs infeasible in reality, which, when causing failures, are painful to identify and eliminate. Running a unit test generator on five open source Java programs, we found that all of the 181 reported(More)
Test generation tools commonly aim to cover structural artefacts of software, such as either the source code or the user interface. However, focusing only on source code can lead to unrealistic or irrelevant test cases, while only exploring a user interface often misses much of the underlying program behavior. Our EXSYST prototype takes a new approach by(More)
The aim of this secondary analysis was to evaluate current microbiological approaches, microbiology, and antibiotic therapy in patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) and acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AECOPD) in clinical practice and to compare them with current international guidelines. A total of 362 patients with(More)
Search-based testing has been successfully applied to generate complex sequences of events for graphical user interfaces (GUIs), but typically relies on simple heuristics or random values for data widgets like text boxes. This may greatly reduce the effectiveness of test generation for applications which expect specific input values to be entered in their(More)
Das Organisieren von Softwaretechnik-Projekten ist für neue Dozenten stets eine Herausforderung: Man muss Kunden finden, Projekte definieren, Tutoren schulen, Anforderungen definieren, Terminpläne machen, Regeln aufstellen. . . und zum Schluss das Projektergebnis bewerten. Eine ungenügende Planung und Umsetzung kann schnell das gesamte Projekt gefährden.(More)
Over the years, many different indexing techniques and search algorithms have been proposed, including CSS-trees, CSB+-trees, k-ary binary search, and fast architecture sensitive tree search. There have also been papers on how best to set the many different parameters of these index structures, such as the node size of CSB+-trees. These indices have been(More)
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