Florian Ganglberger

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Comparing local neural structures across large sets of examples is crucial when studying gene functions, and their effect in the Drosophila brain. The current practice of aligning brain volume data to a joint reference frame is based on the neuropil. However, even after alignment neurons exhibit residual location and shape variability that, together with(More)
Measuring the impact of combinations of genetic or chemical perturbations on cellular fitness, sometimes referred to as synthetic lethal screening, is a powerful method for obtaining novel insights into gene function and drug action. Especially when performed at large scales, gene-gene or gene-drug interaction screens can reveal complex genetic interactions(More)
Functional neuroanatomical maps provide a mesoscale reference framework for studies from molecular to systems neuroscience and psychiatry. The underlying structure-function relationships are typically derived from functional manipulations or imaging approaches. Although highly informative, these are experimentally costly. The increasing amount of publicly(More)
Für die effiziente Entwicklung von Anwendungen in der computerassistierter Chirurgie (CAS), existieren Frameworks mit wiederverwendbaren Methoden und Programmgerüsten wie IGSTK, MITK oder CISST. Deren Neuimplementierung würde einen nicht zu unterschätzenden Arbeitsaufwand bedeuten. Die Einarbeitung in komplexe Frameworks kann für Entwickler jedoch ein(More)
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