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The understanding of the processes underlying organellar function and inheritance requires the identification and characterization of the molecular components involved. We pursued a genomic approach to define the complements of genes required for respiratory growth and inheritance of mitochondria with normal morphology in yeast. With the systematic(More)
Genetic screens for phenotypic similarity have made key contributions to associating genes with biological processes. With RNA interference (RNAi), highly parallel phenotyping of loss-of-function effects in cells has become feasible. One of the current challenges however is the computational categorization of visual phenotypes and the prediction of(More)
SUMMARY EBImage provides general purpose functionality for reading, writing, processing and analysis of images. Furthermore, in the context of microscopy-based cellular assays, EBImage offers tools to segment cells and extract quantitative cellular descriptors. This allows the automation of such tasks using the R programming language and use of existing(More)
In a exible manufacturing environment a group of autonomous agents such as autonomous mobile robots and intelligent manufacturing units is supposed to cooperate and avoid bad interaction. Thus they must have the capability to build a common multi-agent plan through detailed adequate agreements and take into consideration the group goals as well as those of(More)
With the increasing amount of digital multimedia content, the user is more and more overstrained. A promising solution for this problem is personalization that assists the user in selecting content with respect to the user's interest. Since the capabilities of mobile devices increased significantly in the recent years, the number of <i>mobile</i> multimedia(More)
Service-orientation enables dynamic interoperation of distributed services and facilitates seamless service provision or runtime creation of new applications. This dynamic service composition is particularly powerful in peer-to-peer (P2P) systems which offer scalability through self-management and autonomy. However, P2P service composition is nontrivial due(More)
Detection of activating EGFR mutations in NSCLC is the prerequisite for individualised therapy with receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI). In contrast, mutant downstream effector KRAS is associated with TKI resistance. Accordingly, EGFR mutation status is routinely examined in NSCLC specimens, but the employed methods may have a dramatic impact on the(More)