Florian Franzmann

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Although the manual creation of time-triggered schedules for multi-core real-time systems can be a daunting task, state-of-the-art scheduling algorithms are far from being widely used. This suggests that the availability of sound algorithms is only one side of the story: real-time systems have to be groomed substantially before they can serve as input to(More)
Real-time systems usually incorporate a wide variety of challenges: A control engineer, for example, aims for the highest possible control quality achievable. Here, one key element is to minimise the uncertainty of the measurements. This, to put it simple, is the noise of sensor data, which has a negative effect on control. Although measurement uncertainty(More)
—Robotics systems usually comprise sophisticated sensor and actuator systems with no less complex control applications. These systems are subject to frequent modifications and extensions and have to adapt to their environment. While automation systems are tailored to particular production processes , autonomous vehicles must adaptively switch their sensors(More)
Welcome to Madrid, Spain, and to OSPERT'14, the 10 th annual workshop on Operating Systems Platforms for Embedded Real-Time Applications. It has been a pleasure and honor to serve as the chairs for OSPERT's 10-year anniversary, and we invite you to celebrate with us the first decade of this unique venue for exchanging ideas about systems issues related to(More)
Current trends, such as mixed-criticality real-time systems, boost performance by leveraging system dynamics and adaptivity. This, however, also amplifies challenges for control engineering and real-time-system design. Experiments with control applications indicate problems with traditional assumptions such as ‘better response times will not decrease the(More)
Current trends, such as mixed-criticality real-time systems, boost performance by leveraging system dynamics and adaptivity, but also amplify challenges for control engineering and real-time-system design. Applications behave more adaptively and more applications will be consolidated on the same realtime system competing for the same resources, turning(More)
—We believe that the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is a commonly ignored but very important property of a real-time operating system (RTOS). It should not only be complete i. e., offer all mechanisms needed to implement common real-time systems, but also be easy to use in order to prevent programming errors and make real-time systems more(More)
Viele Firmen sind in den letzten Jahren dazu übergegangen, aufwändige Berechnungen durch externe Unternehmen in öffentlichen Clouds ausführen zu lassen. Dies birgt viele Vorteile für diese Firmen, das Risiko, das durch die Speicherung und Verarbeitung von sensiblen Daten entsteht, darf jedoch nicht unterschätzt werden. Es wäre fatal, wenn(More)
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