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The chemotherapeutic oxaliplatin causes a sensory-motor neuropathy with predominantly hyperpathic symptoms. The mechanism underlying this hyperexcitability was investigated using rat sensory nerve preparations, dorsal root ganglia and hippocampal neurons. Oxaliplatin resulted in an increase of the amplitude and duration of compound action potentials. It(More)
Owing to the lack of randomised controlled trials no standard of chemotherapy exists in the treatment of advanced biliary tract carcinoma. 5-fluorouracil or gemcitabine is recommended based on small and predominately phase II trials. The aim of this analysis was to analyse existing trials, even small and nonrandomised, and identify superior regimens.(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with advanced gallbladder and biliary tract carcinoma face a dismal prognosis, as no effective palliative chemotherapy exists. The antitumor effect of gemcitabine is schedule-dependent rather than dose-dependent. We evaluated the activity of a prolonged infusion of gemcitabine in advanced gallbladder and biliary tract carcinomas. (More)
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