Florian Dubost

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Intracranial carotid artery calcification (ICAC) is a major risk factor for stroke, and might contribute to dementia and cognitive decline. Reliance on time-consuming manual annotation of ICAC hampers much demanded further research into the relationship between ICAC and neurological diseases. Automation of ICAC segmentation is therefore highly desirable,(More)
We propose a novel hands-free method to interactively segment 3D medical volumes. In our scenario, a human user progressively segments an organ by answering a series of questions of the form " Is this voxel inside the object to segment? ". At each iteration, the chosen question is defined as the one halving a set of candidate segmentations given the(More)
We propose a novel convolutional neural network for lesion detection from weak labels. Only a single, global label per image the lesion count is needed for training. We train a regression network with a fully convolutional architecture combined with a global pooling layer to aggregate the 3D output into a scalar indicating the lesion count. When testing on(More)
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