Florian Cremers

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The capability of the new GafChromic EBT prototype B for external beam dose verification is investigated in this paper. First the general characteristics of this film (dose response, postirradiation coloration, influence of calibration field size) were derived using a flat-bed scanner. In the dose range from 0.1 to 8 Gy, the sensitivity of the EBT prototype(More)
In this paper we present the results of a dosimetric evaluation of a 2D ionization chamber array with the objective of its implementation for quality assurance in clinical routine. The pixel ionization chamber MatriXX (Scanditronix Wellhofer, Germany) consists of 32x32 chambers with a distance of 7.6 mm between chamber centres. The effective depth of(More)
PURPOSE Breathing-induced motion effects on dose distributions in radiotherapy can be analyzed using 4D CT image sequences and registration-based dose accumulation techniques. Often simplifying assumptions are made during accumulation. In this paper, we study the dosimetric impact of two aspects which may be especially critical for IMRT treatment: the(More)
In this publication, a three-dimensionally movable motion phantom is described and its performance characteristics are evaluated. The intended primary fields of application for the phantom are the quality assurance (QA) of respiratory motion management devices in radiation therapy (RT) like gating or tumour tracking systems, training for clinical use of(More)
The aim of our study was to compare the image and dosimetric quality of two different imaging systems. The first one is a fluoroscopic electronic portal imaging device (first generation), while the second is based on an amorphous silicon flat-panel array (second generation). The parameters describing image quality include spatial resolution [modulation(More)
PURPOSE To maximize the benefits of respiratory gated radiotherapy (RGRT) of lung tumors real-time verification of the tumor position is required. This work investigates the feasibility of markerless tracking of lung tumors during beam-on time in electronic portal imaging device (EPID) images of the MV therapeutic beam. METHODS EPID movies were acquired(More)
A clinical workflow was developed for urgent palliative radiotherapy treatments that integrates patient simulation, planning, quality assurance, and treatment in one 30-minute session. This has been successfully tested and implemented clinically on a linac with MV CBCT capabilities. To make this approach available to all clinics equipped with common imaging(More)
An add-on multileaf collimator for electrons (eMLC) has been developed that provides computer-controlled beam collimation and isocentric dose delivery. The design parameters result from the design study by Gauer et al (2006 Phys. Med. Biol. 51 5987-6003) and were configured such that a compact and light-weight eMLC with motorized leaves can be industrially(More)
A multileaf collimator for electrons (eMLC) has been designed that fulfils the technical requirements for providing advanced irradiation techniques with electrons. In the present work, the basic design parameters of leaf material, leaf height, leaf width and number of leaves as well as leaf overtravel and leaf shape were determined such that an eMLC with(More)
PURPOSE Although the metric precision of robotic stereotactic body radiation therapy in the presence of breathing motion is widely known, we investigated the dosimetric implications of breathing phase-related residual tracking errors. METHODS AND MATERIALS In 24 patients (28 liver metastases) treated with the CyberKnife, we recorded the residual(More)