Florian Cremers

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In this publication, a three-dimensionally movable motion phantom is described and its performance characteristics are evaluated. The intended primary fields of application for the phantom are the quality assurance (QA) of respiratory motion management devices in radiation therapy (RT) like gating or tumour tracking systems, training for clinical use of(More)
Detailed analysis of breathing dynamics, as motivated by ra-diotherapy of lung tumors, requires accurate estimates of inner lung motion fields. We present an evaluation and comparison study of non-linear non-parametric intensity-based registration approaches to estimate these motion fields in 4D CT images. In order to cope with discontinuities in pleura and(More)
BACKGROUND The quality of CT slices can be drastically reduced in the presence of high-density objects such as metal implants within the patients' body due to the occurrence of streaking artifacts. Consequently, a delineation of anatomical structures might not be possible, which strongly influences clinical examination. PURPOSE The aim of the study is to(More)
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