Florian Cacho

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Workload characterization of digital circuits using industry standard benchmarks gives an insight into the performance and energy characteristics of processor designs. Aging studies of digital circuits due to BTI, HCI is gaining importance since a higher impact on the performance of circuits can be observed as we scale down gate dimensions. For embedded(More)
Managing Hot Carrier Injection degradation in digital applications becomes a great challenge for advanced technology nodes. A methodology of introducing Hot Carrier Injection in a design flow is demonstrated. Model is based on a renormalization damage function including an energy driven and carrier density driven modes. Additionally, for the first time, an(More)
In this paper we will review experiments combining several types of FET device degradation modes, including HCI, off-state and BTI and analyze the potential interaction between degradation modes. We will compare experimental results to theoretical models, predicting degradation of devices in general AC stress or various mission profiles, covering a wide(More)
The control of stress in silicon devices is an important issue for improvement MOS transistor performance. Some high temperature processes, like active zone silicidation or shallow trench isolation (Steegen, et al., 2001, Huff, et al., 2002) can induce motions of dislocation just by cooling the crystal down to room temperature. In this study, a single(More)