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We consider the problem of globally minimizing the sum of many rational functions over a given compact semialgebraic set. The number of terms can be large (10 to 100), the degree of each term should be small (up to 10), and the number of variables can be large (10 to 100) provided some kind of sparsity is present. We describe a formulation of the rational(More)
The fundamental matrix can be estimated from point matches. The current gold standard is to bootstrap the eight-point algorithm and two-view projective bundle adjustment. The eight-point algorithm first computes a simple linear least squares solution by minimizing an algebraic cost and then projects the result to the closest rank-deficient matrix. We(More)
L'article expose l'application d'une méthode d'optimi-sation globale au problème de la rectification projective d'images non calibrées. La plupart des méthodes dispo-nibles dans la littérature utilisent une méthode d'opti-misation locale lors de l'étape de minimisation des dis-torsions projectives. L'application d'une méthode d'op-timisation globale(More)
1. INTRODUCTION Stereo digital image correlation (also called 3D DIC) is a common measurement technique in experimental mechanics for measuring 3D shapes or 3D displacement/strain fields, in research laboratories as well as in industry. Nevertheless, like most of the optical full-field measurement techniques, 3D DIC suffers from a lack of information about(More)
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