Florian Berton

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The present experiments were aimed at investigating the ability of established or putative anxiolytics to reduce the neophobia exhibited by BALB/c mice in the free exploratory paradigm. Results confirm the anxiolytic effects of the benzodiazepine receptor full agonist chlordiazepoxide (2.5-7.5 mg/kg), of meprobamate (15-60 mg/kg) and of ethanol (0.5-1.5(More)
The effectiveness of predator odours as repellents was assessed, and the behavioral antipredatory responses were characterized. Mice had free access to an unfamiliar runway containing different olfactory stimuli: modelling clay, or feces of a cat subjected either to a vegetarian or a carnivorous diet. The first experiment revealed various indices of a(More)
Spinal ultrasound imaging is emerging as a low-cost, radiation-free alternative to conventional X-ray imaging for the clinical follow-up of patients with scoliosis. Currently, deformity measurement relies almost entirely on manual identification of key vertebral landmarks. However, the interpretation of vertebral ultrasound images is challenging, primarily(More)
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