Florian Beguet

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BACKGROUND/METHODS In this study, pigs fed for 3 weeks a well-balanced semi-purified diet enriched with 0.3% cholesterol and 0, 5 or 10% beta-cyclodextrin were proposed as new animal donors of gallbladder bile exhibiting different rates of cholesterol crystallization, in order to gain insight into the early mechanisms underlying cholesterol precipitation in(More)
Time-sequential enzymatic determination of cholesterol (CH) crystals harvested by ultrafiltration, and concomitant polarizing light microscopy observations corroborated the striking importance of the bile salts (BS) species in determining CH crystals formation rate from supersaturated model biles incubated in vitro. The more hydrophilic(More)
In this article, the relevance of a new 3D computer-based framework with personalized 3D models for accurately assessing the TBSA is demonstrated through preliminary results and validation studies. First, a 3D rendering interface was developed for representation and calculation of TBSA. The personalized 3D models were built from anthropometric measurements(More)
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