Florian Bartols

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—The performance analysis and validation of distributed real-time systems poses significant challenges due to high accuracy requirements at the measurement tools. A fully synchronized timescale at ultrafine granularity is not easy to generate. Even though there are several analyzer tools for standard switched Ethernet, these tools cannot be applied in(More)
Cluster simulation is a popular method for supporting system integration in various distributed applications by simulating the environment of a subsystem under test. We contribute a scheme for cluster simulation of real-time Ethernet (RTEthernet) based distributed systems. It relies on the discrete event-based simulation framework OMNeT++, interconnected(More)
The increasing complexity of automotive networks, their challenging timing constraints and their high bandwidth demands require new concepts for future in-car communication. Real-time Ethernet is meant to be a suitable candidate for the next-generation in-car interconnection. However, model-based testing capabilities must be available as well. Applications(More)
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