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Event-related brain potentials (ERPs) were used to investigate the time course of memory processes following the presentation of faces. Following a phase in which subjects were asked to memorize faces presented on a computer screen (study phase) they had to distinguish the previously presented faces from others new to the experiment (test phase). We found(More)
The technical committees responsible for ACI committee reports and standards strive to avoid ambiguities, omissions, and errors in these documents. In spite of these efforts, the users of ACI documents occasionally find information or requirements that may be subject to more than one interpretation or may be incomplete or incorrect. Users who have(More)
Bosentan has lately been described as a successful therapeutic agent for portopulmonary hypertension consecutive to child A cirrhosis. This is the first report of the effect of this substance with advanced liver cirrhosis (child C) and renal insufficiency. Low doses of bosentan (initially twice 31.25 mg/day and then 62.5 mg/day) increased cardiac output and(More)
Although testing is one of the most important activities in software development, especially in projects which emphasize agile development, the basic approach used to define and report tests has changed little since JUnit was introduced over a decade ago. JUnit and its derivatives such as NUnit significantly simplify the task of programming tests but still(More)
As software services become the dominant platform for enterprise computing and B2B/B2C applications, testing their correctness and dependability assumes ever more importance. However, unlike the languages used to define and realize them, the languages used to test service-based systems have changed little over recent years. Today, tests for services and(More)
Research in enterprise system security has largely focused on the development of theoretical models capable of demonstrating mathematically that they possess desired security properties. However, recent results confirm that many of these models cannot be applied in practice because of the unpredictability of human participants' behavior in business(More)
Neurophysiological and behavioral work often requires that various laboratory stimulators be feedback-stabilized. We describe the design and performance of a versatile electronic controller that can be used to extend and flatten the frequency response of commercially available stimulating devices. The design includes flexible(More)
Automating software testing can significantly reduce the time and effort required to assure the quality of software systems, and over recent years significant strides have been made in test automation techniques. However, one aspect of software testing that has always resisted full automation is the determination of the expected results for given system(More)