Florian Albrecht

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In 75 knee joints of 46 adult rabbits osteochondral defects of 4 mm diameter were placed by a drill reaching the cancellous bone. Twenty-three defects were left untreated, or closed by collagen foam or fibrin adhesive, or a combination of both. Fifty-two defects were closed with very small autologous cartilage fragments and a special fibrin adhesive. The(More)
A new technique of internal fixation of the flail chest was tested successfully in sheep. After reduction a 0.8 mm wire is passed twice intramedullary across the fracture and twisted under tension with two loops on the external side of the rib. This wire neutralizes bending and rotational forces and produces axial inter-fragmental compression. Combined with(More)
Metal-organic complexes were formed by means of inelastic excitations in a scanning tunneling microscope (STM). The electronic structure of the complex was characterized using STM imaging and spectroscopy. By exploiting the symmetry of the complex, its electronic structure can be rationalized from linear combinations of molecular orbitals. The actual(More)
The delineation and classification of forest stands is a crucial aspect of forest management. Object-based image analysis (OBIA) can be used to produce detailed maps of forest stands from either orthophotos or very high resolution satellite imagery. However, measures are then required for evaluating and quantifying both the spatial and thematic accuracy of(More)
Heterologous enzymes and binding proteins were secreted by the moss Physcomitrella patens or anchored extracellularly on its cell membrane in order to functionalize the apoplast as a biochemical reaction compartment. This modular membrane anchoring system utilizes the signal peptide and the transmembrane segment of the somatic embryogenesis receptor-like(More)
We study a thermally activated on-surface planarization reaction by a detailed analysis of the reactant and reaction products from atomically resolved atomic force microscopy (AFM) images and spectroscopy. The three-dimensional (3D) structure of the reactant, a helical diphenanthrene derivative, requires going beyond constant-height imaging. The(More)
Multimedia technology allows information to be organized and represented in a wide variety of ways. For a computer-based educational environment to be effective, the subject matter must be presented in a clear and comprehensible format. Many multimedia applications organize information based on its physical format, i.e., sound clips, still images, text, and(More)
Kelvin probe force spectroscopy was used to characterize the charge distribution of individual molecules with polar bonds. Whereas this technique represents the charge distribution with moderate resolution for large tip-molecule separations, it fails for short distances. Here, we introduce a novel local force spectroscopy technique which allows one to(More)