Florent Le Masson

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Recent efforts at the proteomic level were employed to describe the protein equipment of the plasma membrane of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. These studies had revealed that the plasma membrane is rich in extrinsic proteins but came up against two major problems: (i) few hydrophobic proteins were recovered in two-dimensional electrophoresis gels,(More)
Gene encoding heat shock protein (Hsps) are induced following a thermal stress thanks to the activation of heat shock transcription factor (HSF) which interacts with heat shock elements (HSE) located within the sequence of Hsp promoters. This cellular and protective response (heat shock response (HSR)) is well known and evolutionarily conserved.(More)
The pro-apoptotic BH3-only protein Bim has a major role in hematopoietic homeostasis, particularly in the lymphocyte compartment, where it strongly affects immune function. The three major Bim isoforms (Bim(EL), Bim(L) and Bim(S)) are generated by alternative splicing. Bim(EL), the most abundant isoform, contains a unique sequence that has been reported to(More)
A polypeptide doublet (P18-P19, ca 22 kDa, pI 4.5) has been shown to accumulate in tobacco leaf plasma membrane in a development-dependent way, under constant environmental conditions. P18 and P19 were purified by 2D-PAGE and microsequenced. Microsequences revealed only small differences between the two polypeptides. A PCR-based cloning strategy identified(More)
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