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BACKGROUND Deep vein thrombosis is a common, important complication of major orthopedic surgery, particularly knee arthroplasty. Knee arthroscopy is performed more frequently and in younger patients than knee arthroplasty. However, the true risk of deep vein thrombosis in patients who undergo this procedure is unknown. OBJECTIVE To determine the incidence(More)
Consecutive patients undergoing knee arthroplasty or tibial osteotomy at four participating hospitals received either enoxaparin, 30 mg subcutaneously every 12 h (n = 66) or an identical-appearing placebo (n = 65). All study medications started the morning after the operation and were continued up to a maximum of 14 days. Patients underwent surveillance(More)
The aim of this study was to review the evidence supporting the use of anti-depressants in painful rheumatological conditions. A systematic review of papers published between 1966 and 2007, in five European languages, on anti-depressants in rheumatological conditions was performed. Papers were scored using Jadad method and analgesic ES was calculated. We(More)
BACKGROUND There is an inverse relationship between changes in the concentration of sodium in plasma (PNa) and intracellular fluid (ICF) volume. Intakes and losses of sodium (Na), potassium (K) and water can be divided into two volumes: isotonic and electrolyte-free water (EFW). Calculations of these volumes assess a tonicity balance, a tonicity imbalance(More)
In this paper, we describe an interactive museum application dedicated to historical scale models. This comes from a joint work between multidisciplinary teams: industrial engineering researchers, historians, museum curators and interactive interface designer. We present here the result of the project, based on scientific methodology. Results include system(More)
This article presents two 3D historical enriched models projects; Nantes 1900 and Virtual Leodium. They are both based on mock-ups realised in the early 20th century. They share the same goal; creating participatory and evolutionary historical knowledge models, built on a 3D virtual copy of original mock-ups. Both projects are described and compared with(More)
– Knowledge management is one of the critical issues for the improvement of enterprise performances. Different methods exist for extracting and formalizing knowledge in order to create knowledge-based applications. Most of integrated design and manufacturing technological processes are more or less based on knowledge that has been translated into models and(More)