Florent Laroche

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This article deals with the propositon of a new generation of our industrial factories. The integration of the most resulting advanced techniques will lead to a change of paradigm in the definition of new efficient production systems. In this article, we develop the main ideas of the project ARTUR. The core is to build new and executable strategies for(More)
In this paper, we describe an interactive museum application dedicated to historical scale models. This comes from a joint work between multidisciplinary teams: industrial engineering researchers, historians, museum curators and interactive interface designer. We present here the result of the project, based on scientific methodology. Results include system(More)
– Knowledge management is one of the critical issues for the improvement of enterprise performances. Different methods exist for extracting and formalizing knowledge in order to create knowledge-based applications. Most of integrated design and manufacturing technological processes are more or less based on knowledge that has been translated into models and(More)
Thanks to rapid development of Virtual Reality technologies, the research is not only limited in military training and scientific visualization realm, it has been expanded into more multidisciplinary areas, such as education, archaeology, conservation of culture heritage, etc. Many heritage objects can be found in museum, among them, historical mock-up(More)
In Museum, many testimonies of our cultural heritage can be found. But because of their high fragility, the public can not get too close to them. In this communication we will explain a project that deals with a physical mock-up of Nantes harbor; the mock-up has been built in 1899 and shown in 1900 for the World's Fair that took place in Paris, France. This(More)
To improve employee's productivity, industrials provide them with many assistance tools along the product lifecycle. In this paper, we expose our scientific proposition of a " Digital enterprise assistant ". It consists of a knowledge based system that assists enterprise's actors in their daily tasks. Accurately, this assistant will be dedicated to(More)
Digital technologies in the last twenty years have offered cultural heritage (CH) new possibilities in conservation and promotion. 3D digitization has especially become more and more affordable and efficient. This leads to massive digitization projects and increasing amount of CH digital data. As an engineering team working on industrial techniques for(More)