Florent Goussard

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While key early(iest) fossils were recently discovered for several crown afrotherian mammal orders, basal afrotherians, e.g., early Cenozoic species that comprise sister taxa to Paenungulata, Afroinsectiphilia or Afrotheria, are nearly unknown, especially in Africa. Possible stem condylarth-like relatives of the Paenungulata (hyraxes, sea-cows, elephants)(More)
The locomotion of early tetrapods has long been a subject of great interest in the evolutionary history of vertebrates. However, we still do not have a precise understanding of the evolutionary radiation of their locomotory strategies. We present here the first palaeohistological study based on theoretical biomechanical considerations among a highly(More)
Vitamin D supplementation in humans should be accompanied by calcium administration to avoid bone demineralization through vitamin D receptor signaling. Here we analyzed whether long-term exposure of rats to vitamin D supplementation, with or without a calcium-rich diet, would promote kidney stone formation. Four groups of rats received vitamin D alone(More)
Le problème de la lutte biologique en forêt, par utilisation d'entomophages indigènes, est discuté dans le cas d'un hyménoptère, le diprion du pin,Diprion pini L. Des études de dynamique des populations montrent que le schéma de progression spatiale des populations de cet insecte dans le sud du Bassin Parisien semble se renouveler à chaque pullulation. De(More)
The aim of this work was to model tooth movement in a more clinically-exact fashion, thanks to the use of new IT tools and imaging systems (cone-beam). Image segmentation and 3D reconstruction now enable us to model the anatomy realistically, while finite element (FE) analysis makes it possible to evaluate stresses and their distribution on the level of the(More)
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