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Niobium doped nanofibers elaborated by facile, single-step electrospinning present higher rate capability in electrochemical cycling experiments than non-doped materials. This is attributed to the reduction of Li+ diffusion path lengths and enhanced intimate inter-particle contact, in combination with improved intra-particle conductivity. Niobium doping has(More)
It is shown, that a thin TaSix layer underneath the Al based metallization considerably improves the contacts from the metallization to shallow diffusion regions in Si. TaSiX with x 2 acts as a barrier against Al and Si diffusion at the contacts and thus impedes Al spiking as well as Si precipitates in the contacts. Furthermore the high current induced Si(More)
It is shown that an Al-Si-Ti alloy containing 0.1-0.2wt.% Ti used as an IC-interconnect material reaches the electromigration strength of Al-Si-Cu and simultaneously avoids the disadvantages of Al-Si-Cu like enhanced corrosion susceptibility or dry etching problems. The stabilizing effect of Ti is demonstrated by life testing and additonally by monitoring(More)
The residual gas dependence of the life time of dc magnetron-sputtered Al-Si (1.2%) interconnects under temperature/current stress was investigated. Whereas the interconnect life time decreased with increasing H2O partial pressure, it increased with O2 partial pressure up to 4×1O¿9 Torr. Narrow interconnects were more sensitive to the residual gas(More)
The analysis of failure mechanism due to electromigration requires precise knowledge of the resistivities and theit time dependences as a function of current density and stripe temperature. This is possible with the aid of Matthiessen's rule. The results show a different behaviour in the changes of the residual resistivities PR and the crose-sectional areas(More)
For scaled Mos devices long term reliability of the turn-on voltage is important. Longterm stability of the turn-on voltage has been measured under stress aging for 2000 h (T=150°C. E=2.5×106V/cm). Generation of interface traps without essential flatband shift is observed. Despite that, positive turn-on voltage shift appears for effective channel lengths(More)
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