Florent Barbecot

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Climate change is thought to have major effects on groundwater resources. There is however a limited knowledge of the impacts of past climate changes such as warm or glacial periods on groundwater although marine or glacial fluids may have circulated in basements during these periods. Geochemical investigations of groundwater at shallow depth (80-400 m) in(More)
[1] Temperature reconstructions for recent centuries are the basis of estimations of the natural variability in the climate system before and during the onset of anthropogenic perturbation. Here we present, for the first time, an independent and physically based reconstruction of mean annual temperature over the past half millennium obtained from(More)
There is growing concern worldwide about the exposure of groundwater resources to pharmaceutically active compounds (PhACs) and agricultural contaminants, such as pesticides, nitrate, and Escherichia coli. For regions with a low population density and an abundance of water, regional contamination assessments are not carried out systematically due to the(More)
(222)Rn has been increasingly used to identify groundwater contribution to surface water. Particular attention has been paid to analytical protocols and counting parameters used for liquid alpha scintillation measurements over a range of activities covering river and groundwater domains. Direct measurements and Rn-extraction protocols are optimized, and(More)
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