Florens Wasserfall

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A 500-U ml-1 portion of egg white lysozyme was able to kill 99% of 5 X 10(5) resting vegetative cells of Clostridium tyrobutyricum within 24 h of incubation at 25 degrees C. Spores were completely resistant to lysozyme. Proliferating vegetative cells were severely inhibited, although lysozyme-resistant cells developed in growing cultures in the presence of(More)
This paper presents a novel design for a modular snake-like robot with magnetic coupling between the modules. Each module combines 3D-printed mechanical parts with widely available standard electronic components, resulting in a highly customizable, low-cost robot platform for research and education. Since simulation and 3D-printing rely on the same(More)
This paper describes a method to generate locomotion of a modular reconfigurable robot in chainlike configuration based on its topology and orientation. Combined with results from physics simulation efficient locomotion patterns, using optimized control parameters, can be applied to the robot. The resulting locomotion depends highly on the properties of the(More)
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