Florens Q M P van Douveren

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In this prospective study of 18 hips we compared the efficacy of ultrasound with CT in determining the position of the femoral head in a spica cast after closed or open reduction in children with developmental dysplasia of the hip. Ultrasound was performed through the perineal opening of the cast. With a transinguinal approach, the superior ramus of the(More)
We investigated predisposing factors for the development of heterotopic ossification in a retrospective study of 637 hip arthroplasties, of which 484 were unilateral, 62 bilateral and 29 revision operations. The frequency of heterotopic ossification after a primary hip arthroplasty was 57 percent. In a univariate analysis, men, patients with hypertrophic(More)
CONTEXT Percutaneous epiphysiodesis (PE) around the knee to reduce predicted excessive final height. Studies until now included small numbers of patients and short follow-up periods. OBJECTIVE AND DESIGN This Dutch multicentre, long-term, retrospective, follow-up study aimed to assess adult height (AH), complications, knee function and patient(More)
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