Florencia Marcucci

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We performed comprehensive data mining to explore the vomeronasal receptor (V1R and V2R) repertoires in mouse and rat using the mm5 and rn3 genome, respectively. This bioinformatic analysis was followed by investigation of gene expression using a custom designed high-density oligonucleotide array containing all of these receptors and other selected genes of(More)
Differentiated olfactory sensory neurons express specific presynaptic proteins, including enzymes involved in neurotransmitter transport and proteins involved in the trafficking and release of synaptic vesicles. Studying the regulation of these presynaptic proteins will help to elucidate the presynaptic differentiation process that ultimately leads to(More)
Neural connections in the adult nervous system are established with a high degree of precision. Several examples throughout the nervous system indicate that this precision is achieved by first establishing an initial exuberant immature pattern of connectivity that is then sculpted into the adult pattern via pruning. This often emerges as an(More)
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