Florencia López Bóo

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The Labor Market Return to an Attractive Face: Evidence from a Field Experiment We provide new evidence on the link between beauty and hiring practices in the labor market. Specifically, we study if people with less attractive faces are less likely to be contacted after submitting a resume. Our empirical strategy is based on an experimental approach. We(More)
Social Divisions in School Participation and Attainment in India: 1983-2004 This study documents the size and nature of “Hindu-Muslim” and “boy-girl” gaps in children’s school participation and attainments in India. Individual-level data from two successive rounds of the National Sample Survey suggest that considerable progress has been made in decreasing(More)
Reversal of Gender Gaps in Child Development: Evidence from Young Children in India This paper provides unique evidence of a reversal of gender gaps in cognitive development in early childhood. We find steep caste and gender gradients and few substantive changes once children enter school. The gender gap, however, reverses its sign for the upper caste, with(More)
This paper explores the (late) nutrition-cognition link using novel panel data from India for very young children. The nature of the survey allows us to estimate a value-added model of cognitive development which corrects for biases present in previous literature. Moreover, we use exposure to the national Midday Meal Scheme interacted with a non-linearity(More)
Early Childhood Stimulation Interventions in Developing Countries: A Comprehensive Literature Review This report reviews the effectiveness of early childhood stimulation interventions in developing countries. The report aims to answer the questions: What works in terms of early stimulation for young children in developing countries? For whom and under what(More)
Building on long-term benefits of early intervention (Paper 2 of this Series) and increasing commitment to early childhood development (Paper 1 of this Series), scaled up support for the youngest children is essential to improving health, human capital, and wellbeing across the life course. In this third paper, new analyses show that the burden of poor(More)
In School or at Work? Evidence from a Crisis This paper examines the effect of labor market opportunities on schooling-employment decisions in 12 urban areas in Argentina over 12 years, emphasizing the recession/crisis years 1998-2002. The effects of macroeconomic swings on schooling decisions are examined with a focus on whether the income or substitution(More)
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