Florence de la Barrière

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We present a new method to measure the modulation transfer function (MTF) beyond the Nyquist frequency of a multichannel imaging system for which all the channels have parallel optical axes. Such a multichannel optical system produces a set of undersampled subimages. If the subimages contain nonredundant information, high spatial frequencies are folded(More)
We present a optical system with an extended point-spread function (PSF) for the localization of point sources in the visible and IR spectral ranges with a subpixel precision. This compact system involves a random phase mask (RPM) as its unique component. It exhibits original properties, because this RPM is used in a particular regime, called the(More)
We present a compact infrared cryogenic multichannel camera with a wide field of view equal to 120°. By merging the optics with the detector, the concept is compatible with both cryogenic constraints and wafer-level fabrication. The design strategy of such a camera is described, as well as its fabrication and integration process. Its characterization has(More)
A new simple and cost-effective method has been developed for the fabrication of both plano-convex and plano-concave lens arrays with potentially important sag heights. The process is based on the use of potassium bromide (KBr) powder. At ambient temperature and under pressure, KBr powder is compressed on a molding die with the desired shape to form a solid(More)
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