Florence Schmitt

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When a pregnant woman develops cancer, death and life are competing in her body and in her mind. In this article, two cases of pregnant cancer patients are described. The pregnant women were accompanied through their journey toward delivery and during the first months with their newborn. The process of being in intensive cancer treatment during pregnancy,(More)
This study explored factors associated with the mental health in adolescents (ages 11-17; n = 54) within 12 months after a parent had been diagnosed with cancer. A control group was included (ages 11-17; n = 49). A demographic questionnaire, the SF-8 Health Survey, the Youth Self Report and the McMaster Family Assessment Device were used. Similar levels of(More)
PURPOSE This study examined factors associated with family functioning in cancer patients' families with dependent children. PATIENTS AND METHODS A sample of 381 families (639 parents and 489 children) was recruited simultaneously in six European countries. Patients and family members completed a background questionnaire, the Family Assessment Device(More)
This paper focused on considering schizoaffective disorder in the light of Attachment Theory: a case of intensive psychotherapy with a patient with a schizoaffective disorder was presented. In this case, Attachment Theory provided a useful framework for understanding the patient as well for her treatment. The core of the treatment was to build a strong(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective is to examine the factors associated with family functioning in families with children where a parent has cancer in comparison to families without cancer. SAMPLE AND METHODS Eighty-five families including 85 cancer patients, 61 healthy spouses and 68 children between 11 and 17 years of age, and a control group of 59 families(More)
OBJECTIVE Parental physical disease is a family issue, but families' minor children are seldom considered. The current study analyzed experiences with implementation of counseling for families with physically ill parents and minor children during a European multisite pilot project. METHOD Implementation protocols of seven European partner centers(More)
OBJECTIVE A clinic to evaluate and treat referred somatizing patients was established in the medicine clinic of a university medical center. METHOD Fifty-four patients were evaluated and compared to an age- and sex-matched non-somatizing patient group. RESULTS Somatizing patients had increased rates of psychiatric and alcohol and substance abuse(More)
This article describes the development of a collaborative relationship between a child psychiatry clinic and an adult oncology clinic within a university hospital. The interest of the child psychiatry clinic was to pay attention to children of parents with cancer, and to propose an intervention to support them. A child-centred family counselling model was(More)
AIMS To assess perceptions of child behaviour and parenting stress among the parents of young children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) and other forms of functionally univentricular heart defects (UVH). METHODS As part of our prospective nation-wide neurodevelopmental follow-up study, the parents of 23 patients with HLHS, 14 with UVH and 46(More)