Florence Sèdes

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Currently, many multimedia contents are acquired and stored in real time and on different locations. These contents are indexed in order to provide some metadata that are used during the retrieval process. However, several existing metadata standards can be used for describing the content, and mixing them do not ensure interoperability. To overcome this(More)
In semi-structured information systems, generally, the adaptation of documents is essential to give the user the feeling that the query result is adapted to his need. The user’s needs can be defined in a user profile. But, in the literature the adaptation systems are designed for a particular domain and are oriented towards either navigation adaptation or(More)
Nowadays, with the great diffusion of mobile technology, and ubiquitous systems, the context has become the ear and the eye of information systems. These systems are more and more based on the usage of Web services which are designed to support interoperable application-to-application interaction over the Web. In this article, we present our contribution(More)
In this paper, we are interested in the context of the French government's new efforts to put into practice the concept of the "personal health record (PHR)". We propose an ontology-based solution to improve the access to PHR and to extend it with the annotations that the patient can add and that will constitute the Annotated PHR. We consider that each user(More)
ÐFuzzy logic is known for providing a convenient tool for interfacing linguistic categories with numerical data and for expressing user's preference in a gradual and qualitative way. Fuzzy set methods have been already applied to the representation of flexible queries and to the modeling of uncertain pieces of information in databases systems, as well as in(More)